Arbor Park Finance

Arbor Park Finance works exclusively through channel partners in the healthcare industry to offer competitive equipment financing solutions.

Our team has underwritten and managed in excess of $2 billion of equipment leases across the healthcare industry.

We develop leasing programs that allow our partners to introduce an experienced and flexible leasing expert to their customers – one who understands the unique aspects of their healthcare equipment needs. We tailor financing programs that help our lessees do more, grow faster and manage their balance sheets.

Healthcare Equipment Leases

We work with lessees to help them assess a variety of financing paths, and if an equipment lease seems to meet their capital budget needs, we then help to determine the right lease format to meet their objectives.

Operating Lease

Also commonly referred to as a “fair market value” lease, operating leases allow for the customer to essentially rent the equipment during the term of the lease. Lease payments are generally deductible as a business expense. At the end of the lease term, the customer returns the medical equipment to Arbor Park Finance, or if interested, is provided with an option to purchase the equipment at a fair market price.

Capital Lease

Also commonly referred to as a “dollar buyout” lease, a capital lease is a financing program where the customer is considered the owner of the equipment, carries the equipment on their balance sheet and can depreciate the equipment per their particular tax situation. At the conclusion of the lease, a pre-determined final payment, typically $1, completes the lease agreement and obligations between Arbor Park Finance and the lessee.

Consult with your tax advisor regarding tax treatment of any lease program.


Medical equipment lease options, especially for critical operating assets that are typically accompanied by higher acquisition costs, help our channel partners ensure their customers can manage their capital budgets responsibly while best serving their communities, helping them stretch their dollars to have the most impact.

We take a personalized and hands-on approach to be sure every transaction is designed and delivered in a thoughtful manner that enhances the customer relationship. Channel partners have a dedicated account manager who gets to know the business, its competitive advantages and the customer segments being served.

Our process balances simplicity and quick turnaround times with personalized service as follows:

  • 1
    Send your Arbor Park Finance account manager a quotation for the equipment your customer is considering for purchase.
  • 2
    Arbor Park provides you with an initial proposal showing options for various lease formats, durations and payment deferral options.
  • 3

    We are available to connect through your team or directly with the customer to inform, answer questions and set up the right lease terms to fit their needs.

  • 4

    A one-page application begins our underwriting process. We do not inundate our lessees with unnecessary information requests. Instead, we rely on our underwriting team to determine the data necessary to efficiently arrive at a credit decision.

  • 5

    On credit approval, we work with you and your customer to understand delivery dates, installation logistics and any down payment requirements to ensure timely funding.

  • 6
    Straight-forward lease documentation is prepared for execution by us and the lessee with account invoicing and services in place to be sure the financing program is meeting your customer’s needs throughout the lease.


To learn more about how Arbor Park Finance can partner with you to better serve your customers, please contact us to schedule an introduction. We view each partnership as unique, so we first want to listen and work to understand your marketplace. Then we’ll collaborate on how best to develop a financing program that benefits all parties.